Critical Cybersecurity Steps for You to Take

One of the largest challenges we are faced with on the Internet is cyber attacks.

Threats to our economy, national security, online communities, cybersecurity and families depend on how effective we are at protecting ourselves from cyber attacks from Internet predators. Here are a few steps that will improve your online security.

First, make sure you have anti-virus software and firewalls configured properly. Make sure they are updated regularly, as well. Everyday new threats are discovered, so keeping you software up-to-date and current makes it easier to protect you and your family, cronicadearagon or business from attacks. Most anti-virus and firewall programs have automatic updates available for you to configure.

Another safety precaution technique is to update your operating system and vital program software. These software updates provide the latest protection against malicious attacks. Again, most of these critical software programs have automatic updates available for you to turn on.

Remember to back up your important files. Copy them onto removable discs you can store in a safe place, preferable at another location other than where your computer is at.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

In all endeavors, it’s also important for you to know what you’re getting into, and who you’re dealing-especially on the Internet. You cannot judge someone’s character or motives by simply looking at a profile picture, MLM blog, or website. Many scammers online impersonate legitimate MLM, Criminal Affair affiliate, and home-based businesses when, in fact, they have ulterior motives. Make sure you do some research prior to making any purchases of products or services from individuals or businesses on the Internet.

Finally, protect your passwords-keep them in a secure place. Best practices suggest using longer passwords which include letters and symbols. Every ninety days change your password and avoid using common words. Use different passwords for each of your online accounts.

When you’re shopping, either online, or offline, Medical clinic if someone takes advantage of your through an Internet auction, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

On social networking sites, it’s important to trust your instincts and advise your children to trust theirs, as well. If you or your children feel uncomfortable, or feel threatened by someone online, encourage your children to tell you. Pass the information onto the police and the social networking site.


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