The Habit Curve: The Way to Make a New Habit Stick in Your Fitness

How do you stay on track so you can achieve your fitness goals?

How do you guarantee that whatever fitness goal you set for yourself this year, habitforge you’re going to stay the course and consequently get the body you want?

Whether you’ve decided that this is the year that you lose that excess 10-15 lbs and keep it off
Or you’re going to take RedLasso care of your health and nutrition by eating healthy
Or you want to get super lean and shredded by hitting the gym
Or you just want to have more energy, fitness and stamina and you want to start running in morning again. (or for the first time)

These are all goals that require repeatable theconversationprism actions and rituals. You need to have some powerful actions that you do regularly enough to see real results.

You know it and and you’ve probably tried and failed to stick to your fitness goal in the past. It happens to all of us from time to time. You start on your journey to be this new way that will get you there but then life gets in the way, the enthusiasm and initial motivation wears off or you run out of willpower. softwareglimpse

The 1 key to achieve your health and fitness goals isn’t more determination or stronger willpower. Its having a powerful habit that is so strong that once set, your actions towards cultivating your dream body becomes automatic and inevitable.

Here’s where most people fail in setting and achieving a fitness goal that sticks.

They rely on raw willpower alone. mtb-114

Here’s the thing you need to know about willpower and why it fails to keep you on track.

You only get a little bit of willpower each day. Its actually been proven that willpower is something real and measurable. It turns out that your willpower and your level of self control varies on the amount of blood glucose in a certain region of your brain AND it depletes throughout your day.

What that means is that everything… absolutely everything that you do, think about, focus on and have to make a decision about actually depletes your willpower.

Using raw willpower to install a new and empowering habit is a losing battle.

So, how do you set a fitness habit that sticks?

First, you have to know that setting a habit that will last and automatically bring you the fitness results you strive for is not an easy path. You will hit some walls. I want to share with you a model that illustrates the path to placing a strong habit into place for long term success. ilwu502

The habit curve

There are 4 phases on your journey to setting an unshakable habit.

Phase 1: Enthusiasm and optimism
You’ve just gotten committed to your new goal and the habit and behaviors that’ll get you there and you’re brimming with energy, Home improvement excitement and optimism. This is the best part because all that enthusiasm carries you through for the first week or so.

Phase 2: Enthusiasm crash
Now the novelty has worn off, the new behaviors are getting hard to sustain and it starts to feel really hard. This is where many people fall off the wagon. This is your first wall of the habit curve to overcome.

Phase 3: Active resistance
If you survive the enthusiasm crash and you stay the course, you now enter phase 3 which is the phase of active resistance. This is pretty much where the new habit is still a challenge but since you survived the enthusiasm crash, you have more resilience now. Stay strong here. If you survive this phase, you get to phase 4.

Phase 4: Habit formation
After 21 days, you have a new habit. Once your there, you now have a programing that will guarantee your success to achieving your fitness goal.

The best part is that the habit gets even easier the longer you do it. The more you do it, the deeper it hard wires. 21 days is how long it takes to hold, but it gets true strength at around the 50 day mark. So, stay the course.

How to survive the habit curve?

There are 2 walls you will face in the habit curve.

The first wall will be that enthusiasm crash.

The second wall will be surviving the active resistance phase.

The only thing that will make you fall off at either of those stages is your lack of follow through.

There are 3 reasons that can cause you to fall off the wagon.

1. You lose determination and willpower
2. You have conflicting interests
3. Life gets in the way

While I touched on the first reason and why willpower will only get you so far, immigration medical doctor you will need some initial internal drive.

The second reason is a whole topic in itself but to keep it short, make sure that you’re willing to let go of old actions and behaviors that are no longer serving you if your serious about achieving your fitness goal.


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