Matewis and the Monkeys

Matewis (pronounced “mat-ear-vis”) is my black cat – whose fear of the hair dryer was successfully treated using surrogate EFT.

A couple of months ago she was bitten by (or so we thought) a feral cat that sometimes comes on to our property. She had a huge bite wound at her throat and it was very unpleasant looking and smelling. I wiped it clean and the fur came away leaving a hole in her skin about the size of a quarter. I did surrogate EFT on her for several days to aid the healing and the hole closed up with no problems and no vet visits.

We live in a development which has a variety of wild animals NFT Monkey roaming around it – these include vervet monkeys. All our cats are wary of the monkeys but suddenly Matewis was terrified of them. She was the monkey warning system. ‘Monkeys are coming… prepare yourself!’ seemed to be her motto as she would literally tear through the cat door and hurtle through the house into the bedroom and fling herself under the duvet. ‘If I can’t see them they can’t see me’ appeared to be her thinking.

A few weeks after the bite healed up we noticed she was getting thinner and did not seem to be eating as much. Nothing else was different. Then she started to gag but nothing came up. Then she started to have what I can only describe as thick and gluey saliva. She also started smelling very putrid. I decided to take her to our local vet. He took one look in her mouth and told us she had a huge abscess under her tongue. He kept her in overnight and the next day drained it and we had the usual antibiotics for her to take. He said it could have been from the bite she had that made a tiny puncture wound. I asked him if it could have been a monkey bite as she was now terrified if she even saw a monkey down the driveway. He said it was possible.

I decided to muscle test to see if she had been bitten by a monkey and not a cat and got a positive response. She started eating again and became theclosesthotel her usual bossy self (she is the only female with five neutered male cats).

She still seemed to have some difficulty swallowing at times so I decided to ‘chat’ with her (via EFT) and see if she had any ‘monkey fear’ in her throat.

Lots of monkey fear… so we did some tapping.

Even though I have this monkey fear and it is all in my throat, I am a good cat.
Even though I am terrified of those monkeys I am a great cat.
Even though I thought I was going to die when that horrible monkey bit me, I am a great cat and I am working through this right now.

Then the tapping… forbixindia

This monkey fear
I hate those monkeys
They want to kill me
I wish they would all disappear
I hate those monkeys
They are bigger than I am
They could bite me again
This monkey fear

Then I did another round on the remaining fear.

Even though that nasty monkey bit me I am a brave cat and I am working through this.
Even though that horrible monkey bit me I don’t have to live in fear any longer – I am the great Matewis and I am working through this right now.
Even though I have been terrified of those nasty monkeys, sho I can choose to let this fear go right now as I am the great Matewis.


I am a brave cat
I had a go at that monkey that bit me
I bet he won’t try that again anytime soon
I am a brave cat
I can let this fear leave my body right now
It is safe and easy for this monkey fear to leave my body right now
I am a brave cat
I deserve to let this monkey fear leave my body right now

Big sighs… so we did one last round.

Even though I still have some of this monkey fear in my throat, I am working through this right now – I am the great Matewis.
Even though there is still a little bit of monkey fear left and it is like a big lump in my throat, I am working through this.
Even though the monkey fear has not totally gone yet, charteracatamaraninthebvi I am working through this right now – I am a great cat.


This remaining monkey fear in my throat
It is safe to release it all right now
I am a brave cat
I can just keep my distance from the monkeys; I do not have to run away
I am safe and brave
I can let this remaining fear leave my body right now
This remaining monkey fear leaving my body right now
Safe and easy for this remaining monkey fear to leave my body right now

All done. What remained was to see whether the fear had gone! Sure enough that opportunity arrived yesterday afternoon. Matewis was asleep on a chair outside the door on our patio and suddenly there were monkeys all over the place. I looked outside and a huge monkey was sitting on the garden wall looking at Matewis. He was not as big as a baboon but he was a big monkey – probably at least 3 feet tall. Matewis was lying curled up not even bothered by him.

Taking no chances I opened the door and called her. She looked up at the monkey, stretched herself, slowly got down from her chair and walked inside the house where she walked to the bedroom and sat on the floor and started to wash herself.

Wow! What a difference! I could hardly believe what I had just seen!

I went and patted her and told her how brave she was. She just looked at me and purred. This morning the monkeys came through again and she just watched them while sitting outside on the patio again.

Another triumph for EFT!!

For many years I have been interested in the welfare of animals, bostonhaikusociety companion animals and especially farm animals. Being vegetarian for over 45 years and vegan for nearly 10, I felt drawn to helping those that had no voice.

Several years ago, I discovered EFT, when I found I had breast cancer. EFT helped me tremendously to solve the emotional issues that I had rationalized many years before, issues that I thought were resolved but as I found with using EFT, were not!


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